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Firstly, the similarities between Greek ideas and those of ancient Indian aesthetics are so striking that superficially one may conclude that they derive from a common source or presume any borrowing between the two. The Poetics is generally believed to have been written anytime between 335 BC and 322 BC but in case of Natyashastra, the composition has been suggested sometime between the fifth century BC to the fourth century AD. In view of this controversy, it would be seemly irrational to affirm that Natyashastra –either preceded or followed the Poetics, Apart from this, there was no literary or linguistic exchange between India and Greece in those days. Most of the striking similarities between the Poetics and the Natyashastra are not only because of dealing with the same subject matter, but also from the fact that they toe the same or an almost identical frame of reference. Their theories of drama evolve from the generalization they structured upon the identical frame of reference that constitutes of matter, means, manner and function.

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