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Technological development strays onto a drift where we identify disturbing dynamics that drives to precariousness. The application of regulatory criteria would be most welcome, in a scenario of increasing inequalities that seems to steer a course to the dystopic horizon of the post-work era. In digital bio-economics, the body configurates as “factory-body” and its psycho-physical limits are constantly overrun by an excessive demand of productivity and efficiency. Without technophobia but with much uncertainty, we confront the technological change where bots, cobots, and robots coexist in interfaces with (post)human bodies and their environment. The purpose of this study is to think, prospective and immanently, future scenarios triggered by AI in interface with (post)humans, in the context of HCI4D (Human-Computer Interaction for Development). To that end, we establish a dialogue between materialist and vitalist philosophies of corporeality, the Science, Technology and Society (STS) approaches and the critical post-humanism. The interest of this research lies in the attempt to rethink the complex scenario shaped by new conceptions of technologies, from the standpoint of the bodies, nature, and feminism, as well as the relations with others (humans and non-humans) that feature the New Materialisms.

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Myriam Hernández Domínguez (Spain) 8278
Scientific production

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