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This presentation concerns the charred plant remains from the Late Neolithic and Bronze Age settlement of Longas Elatis in western Macedonia, northern Greece. The site is located in the low right bank of Aliakmona, the longest river entirely within Greek boarders (297 km up to the point where it flows into the Thermaic Gulf) and particularly in the lower sloping terraces of adjacent hills. In the valleys and plains of the Aliakmon a number of important settlements, such as Longas, grew up as long ago as prehistoric times and went on to develop into important cities by the beginning of the historical era. Rescue excavations by the Λ’ Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities, carried out from 2006 until 2012, have uncovered deposits dating between the Late Neolithic and the third century B.C. During the Late Neolithic and the Bronze Age, a dense settlement pattern has been identified with multy-room buildings, pits, jars, hearths and burials. The Late Neolithic and Bronze Age archaeobotanical data from Longas Elatis is linked to the detailed archaeological information available from the site in a preliminary investigation of aspects of everyday life such as use of space, agricultural practice and food habits.

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Dimitra Kotsachristou (Greece) 7916
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