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With the advent of new media space and the emergence of cyber culture, cultural consumption patterns such as music have changed and this raises new issues in social groups’ identity and cultural consumption in this space. This paper seeks to answer the question of how the online space and its impact on music consumption has empowered Iranian women as silent groups. Given the diverse forms of music consumption in cyberspace, this article uses a new sociology of consumption that emphasizes consumption policy, it explores how women as silent groups use this space for empowerment and self-expression by building new identities through music consumption in cyberspace. The methodology of this article is qualitative and Data were collected using semi-structured interviews with 20 women using the Internet for music consumption. The results show that Consumer subjects are Communication oriented, secularism, Emotional self-expression, Political self-expression, Ideological self-expression, seeking progressive self-expression, Global self-expression And music consumption in cyberspace allows them for constructing of hybrid and arbitrary identities and  It makes it possible to oppose the gender stereotypes imposed by the offline space.

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zahra sadat chelengar (Iran) 7806
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