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Family institution is the main pillar of society And the source of happiness or misery of humans and societies. But statistics show an increase in divorce in Iran. Some researchers attribute one of the reasons for this to the inappropriate use of social networks. One of the most effective institutions to solve this problem is the media. So in this article we are looking to answer this question: "What are the most important media strategies to confronted with Family Damage from Social Networking?" To this end, two steps were taken. Firstly, using purposeful sampling 25 family members were interviewed without intermediaries. The criterion for ending the interviews was to reach theoretical saturation. The result was the identification of more than 110 unique codes that was divided into 6 main axes: "Creating gaps", "destroying Mental relaxation", "Misplaced analogy", "Access to inappropriate information", "Wasting family members time", "Increase the possibility to communicate with the opposite sex". In the second step to provide media strategies, By extracting questions from the previous step, with Purposeful sampling, We interviewed 14 elites in 4 areas: "Communications", "Media Managers", "Family Experts" and "Social Media Activists". From qualitative content analysis the codes derived from semi-structured interviews The five axes of "enhancing media literacy", "enlightenment", "family empowerment", "media independence" and "negation of consumerism" were achieved that named as the basic principles of the media to confronted with Family Damage from Social Networking.

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mohammadreza taghavipour (Iran) 8476
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