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Representation of the "other" has always been part of construction of any kind of political and social identity, which the mass media play a significant role in its formation. This study aims to investigate the representation of the "West" on the website of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB). To that end, the news on the West were studied over an eight-month period. The theoretical part of the research was organized on the theoretical foundations of the concept of "other", the theoretical foundations of "identity", the West in contemporary identity discourses, orientalism in reverse and moral panic, representational and discourse theories, as well as theories for "news". News texts at the audiovisual level was analyzed in the section of integrated model of discourse analysis and semiotics. The results from the study of news discourse about the West show that it has challenged Western norms and virtues mainly based on discourse elements such as "supporting terrorism", "racism", "human rights abuses", "colonialism", "arrogance", "Islamphobia", "violence", etc. Explaining the discourse of IRIB indicates that news related to the West has been framed as a process embedded in organizational and extra-organizational guidelines within the context of the discourse of the Islamic Revolution. More analysis and more accurate explanation reveals that "orientalism in reverse discourse" and "moral panic" were two other sources of Western representation in IRIB.

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Hadi Nazari (Iran) 8285
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