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1980s were the years of change and transformation for Turkey. Despite the restrictions of the September 12 Coup d'État, the masses started to express their hope and longing without choosing an ideological side. Women were one of the parties who verbalized their hopes and longings. This is because women started to raise a critical consciousness and challenge the constricting patterns of patriarchal power by the effect of the feminist move in the 1980s. This affected the representation of woman in cinema during 1980s. There was an increase in the movies which focused on the woman’s problems of being an individual and existing in the public area, her expectations for the relationships with the opposite gender, her will to cross the limits of the private area, and the outlook of the society on her. This study will analyze the movies which were shot between 1980 and 1990 focusing on women’s problems. One movie which can provide the richest data from each year will be picked by using the purposeful sampling method. The narratives of the sample movies will be analyzed by qualitative data analysis method. During the analysis, first, the socio-demographic features of the female characters in the movies will be explained. Then, analytic notes will be taken about the daily works of these characters, the repeated and routine incidents in their lives, the rituals which are special to them, the norms that form and justify their behavior patterns, the ways they create relationships with the others, the reactions they give and the solutions they find against any crisis, and the locales in which they are represented. The data obtained from these notes will be associated with each other and categorized in order to reach patterns and themes.

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Özlem Özgür (Turkey) 8349
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Bilge Sandıkcıoglu (Turkey) 7826
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