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The research paper will present a case study of art and cultural heritage research to audio-visually document the creative developments and outline the launch of an industrial heritage app combined together with a live immersive soundscape performance. This research contributes to place-making, cultural art, media and industrial heritage and future urban regeneration, and was exhibited at Temporary Contemporary in Queensgate Market, and commissioned by ‘Woven in Kirklees,’ a festival celebrating innovation in textiles in Huddersfield, UK, during April and June 2019. Previous work and interactive projects in place making and art, music and heritage have responded to paradigm political and cultural shifts in historical sites, and urban centres suffering due to austerity influenced by an increasingly dis-connected mobile dependant society. Industrial documentary film was instrumental in shaping the expansion of international multi cultural communities in UK towns and cities during the 20th Century. British industrial documentary film was sourced and combined to play in spaces with the starkly contrasting contemporary photography exhibits placed alongside augmented historical street panoramas. In this current work, ethnographic, urban environment and art based research praxis were grounded in everyday hyper-connected urban derives. Adopting embodied and subversive psycho-geographic approaches the researcher explored; drifted, listened, collected and audio mapped pre & post-industrial consumer culture. The presentation of the research will focus on the researcher’s embodied experiences of data sourcing, UX and UI development and live exhibiting of mixed reality artefacts and interactive cultural heritage experiences as installations for innovating creative practice and place making within the local community. Vignettes of narrative and mixed reality will frame the work presented and ask, how can we re-stimulate and resonate our individual awareness and intelligences of place into sustainable enquiries on how we experience media now and the future ?

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Andrew Taylor (United Kingdom) 7776
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