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The emergence and proliferation of technosciences since the mid-twentieth century has rapidly accelerated the transformation of nature-based spheres. The technosphere, for instance, is a new interconnected system which has superimposed itself upon the biosphere. Consisting of multiple artificial objects and their various interrelationships, it accounts for a considerable amount of the environmental risks of our time. This article explores its expansion during the Great Acceleration of the 20th century from two points of view within techno-scientific activity: computational prediction and meteorological intervention. Both practices currently converge in the recent proposals for Solar Radiation Management (SRM), which aims to transform and regulate atmospheric conditions in order to reduce global warming. The current climate crisis and advancements in geoengineering suggest that there are certain elements which may give rise to the appearance of future climate techno-sciences, based on private initiatives and research platforms such as Future Earth. The prediction and prevalence of underlying risks are matters to be anticipated from the STS studies. Together, they form an agenda of issues centered around the Technocene: the era wherein technosciences are the main altering force of the Earth System.

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Délcio Faustino (Portugal) 10727
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