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The steel rolls employed in the sardines and tuna industries in steel cans, are corroded by the atmospheric corrosion in indoor of warehouses and during the manufacturing process. Metallic coatings are used to protect them, but even with the handling of steel cans, and the exposition to aggressive air pollutants that penetrate through cracks and air conditioners systems to indoors of seafood industry, the corrosion process occurs. The occurrence of corrosion in the seafood industry evaluated, increase the costs of the metallic materials used as steel cans to package the seafood, because were necessary replaced around 35% of the steel cans used. This represented a decrease in the competitiveness and this type of company presented economic losses. This was caused by the presence of the main air pollutants, which generated the atmospheric corrosion in the steel cans, originated by ions chloride, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and hydroxides. On the California Gulf, also now as the Cortez Sea, in the Guaymas City in the Sonora State in the northwest of Mexico, are established some seafood industries. Recently, the atmospheric corrosion was detected in steel rolls stored in warehouses of sardine and tuna industries. An analysis to identify the aggressive agents that react with the steel cans surface was carries out, using the Scanning Electron Microscopy and the Auger Electron Spectroscopy techniques. The study was in the 2010.  

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Camila Cárdenas Hernández (Colombia) 10711
Scientific production

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