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Technology is rapidly transforming the way we work and how we relate in society. The Fourth Industrial Revolution has arisen due to the use of new systems evolving from the previous digital revolution infrastructure. Noteworthy exemples are the Internet of the Things, the 5G technology and the use of artificial intelligence.Project Management has evolved a lot in the last decades, privileging the fulfilment of the scope, time and cost of projects, based on the classic perspective of the “triple constraint”. But, according to GPM Global, its evolution has taken  us to a more complex model, with greater concern for the quality, risks, value and benefits that a Project will produce, and has also  introduced social issues, economic issues, aspects related to processes and products and also environmental issues, from a sustainability perspective.Project Management will have to develop  to meet to the needs arising from new projects within the scope of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, without losing sight of all these issues and this will be certainly a great challenge to this specific area.

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António Cabeças (Portugal)
Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa (Autonoma TechLab) (Portugal) 61
Associate Professor, PhD Economy
Scientific production

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Mário Marques da Silva (Portugal) 8248
Scientific production