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We are living in the Digital Society, which is marked by the high degree of connectivity, intense flow of information, and the diversity of data that is shared and produced in digital media. This influences the education system, positively or negatively, requiring people to innovate in the classroom to develop the skills and abilities needed for the 21st century. This workshop aims to provide a concept and application for the gamification phenomenon, focusing on media literacy, which is gaining visibility because of its ability to create meaningful experiences when applied in educational context. Introducing how to promote gamified educational actions from the gamification elements present in the initial script and their justifications to the action taken in the application with the students. Recently, its application has been observed in education, which justifies more deep workshop in order to find the best ways to make good uses of it. Within this context, gamification was inserted and applied in elementary school using the elements of games with the help of technological resources, such as Qr code, to promote a more investigative and critical performance in the media literacy. According to Henry Jenkins “when people take control of the media, the results can be wonderfully creative; can also be bad news for all involved "(JENKINS, 2009, p. 45). It was verified in the application of gamification with students of elementary school, that gamification has potentializing possibilities for the educational system, making contact with the elements of games, literacy for the media and the development of communication and informational skills in the formation to exercise responsible and critical citizenship in this media. Gamification in education is a very fertile area to be applied, because in the school environment there are individuals who carry many learnings from interactions with games.

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Viviane Cristina Marques 3970
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Helena Viana (Brazil) 8033
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