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Vocabulary learning has been a great challenge for both teachers and students because there hasn’t been enough focus on vocabulary instruction in ESL class and many teachers employed a traditional approach to teach vocabulary. However, with the growing number of interactive learning tools, there has been a breakthrough in vocabulary learning process and students have become active participants of this process. Experience has shown that Integrating these tools into vocabulary instruction has not only given learners the greatest opportunity to learn vocabulary better but also contributed considerably to their autonomy. Quizizz is one of those interactive tools that is quite feasible to implement in class and greatly assists students in their journey of vocabulary acquisition.To highlight the effectiveness of applying Quizizz in vocabulary learning process, two groups of EFL students aged between 19-25 were chosen as experimental and control groups. Vocabulary component of mid-term examination was taken as a pre-test and the results were kept to examine later. Experimental group was exposed to vocabulary acquisition through Quizlet for 2 months and after both groups took the final exam, their improvement was compared and analyzed.Deriving from the findings obtained from this analysis, this study will focus on the effectiveness of using Quizizz in vocabulary learning process and some implications that hold promise for identifying definite Dos and Donts for effective execution of this method.

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