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Chemistry is a science that uses too many forms of visual representations such as symbols, formulas, structures, graphs, schemes, diagrams and tables. this way chemical education depends to a certain extent to the correct interpretation of graphics. however, teaching chemistry to blind and low vision people is a very complex task. So it is important to adapt pedagogical materials for an education more inclusive. This work describes the design of tactile images of common use in chemical education. Computation is used to create drawings of chemical interest. The drawing is printed onto a special paper (swell paper), which is submitted to heat in a heat machine. The tactile images produced are confortable to touch, easy to be manipulated and reveal information with clarity. Results reveal that these adapted materials help the process of teaching-learning chemistry to blind and low vision students, contributing to a more inclusive education.

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João Elias Vidueira Ferreira (Brazil) 8093
Scientific production

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