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This paper examines how an innovative classroom in the United States used iPads and a Youth Media Program (YMP) to support student learning. This curriculum-based program engaged Spanish-English bilingual middle-schoolers and their teacher with Youth Media pedagogies and multimodal communications to examine their social circumstances and realities (Goodman, 2003). Furthermore, the program promoted new technologies and multiliteracies to teach for democracy (Share & Thoman, 2007). Drawing on notions of high impact practices (Kuh, 2008), as relevant for K12 education, pedagogies included collaborative assignments, valuing diversity and global learning, and community-based learning. The research asked: In what ways did the iPads and technologies of Youth Media promote student learning, especially with regards to the following: social agency and civic awareness, student voice and leadership, and identity development? Data were gathered using qualitative approaches and participant observation, coupled with student and teacher interviews, classroom notes and reflections with the research team. All students used Chrome Books and accessed a Google Classroom. The research team provided iPads, headphones and microphones for video recording and editing. Class met daily and conducted interviews and recordings at school and in the community. Findings illustrate that students effectively learned how different technologies and media formats convey different messages. Students created City Vox Pop through street interviews, interreacted with professional journalists and broadcasters on field trips to local radio and newspaper outlets and learned how different modalities and technologies further shape communication. Through these technology-based learning experiences, students developed insights into their community, became more adept at critically reading diverse texts, increased their self-confidence and teamwork. Implications from this research include recognition of how new technologies and diverse pedagogies promote engagement and meaningful communication that transcends the classroom and connects students to the real world, while enhancing their sense of place and agency in their community.

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Deborah Romero (United States of America) 7900
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