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  • Cultural Recycling from the Arts: Hybridizations and Transculturality
    • Inter and transdisciplinary dialogues between the different manifestations of the arts, to generate hybridized productions
    • The nation in transnational visual discourse
    • The relationship between image and power from a transnational perspective
    • The appearance of new discourses and community hybridity
    • Visual representation through migratory and tourist experiences
    • The circulation of the arts through new emerging technologies
    • The construction of transnational imaginaries
    • The effects of the internet, the digital and the post-digital in cinema, current photography and other audiovisual productions
    • Migratory shocks, violence, marginalization and adaptation to new habitats.
  • Art, culture and society
  • Managing culture and the arts
  • Cultural & Artistic Heritage
  • Curatorship, art history and art market
  • Theory of contemporary art and aesthetics
  • Art, technology and media